CLANCY STAGE was founded in 2014 by a team with more than 15 years of consulting experience.
Our goal is to support the development of business organizations, for high productivity and sustainability of relations between employees.ent.




Assisting companies in developing and integrating a new response to internal and external changes, with the aim of rapid expansion and high results, resulting in a more productive corporate environment.



We are guided by the realization that there are no random processes, behaviors and events in the functioning of companies. That's why we focus on analyzing organizational dynamics to identify the need and readiness for change at the individual, team and corporate level.

WHY “beyond the idea of consulting

Processes in companies, often unconscious by management, like those in any individual, are a powerful factor that can lead to success and development, or vice versa, to regression, loss of energy, resources and valuable professionals, and sometimes entire teams .

Optimizing business processes entirely depends on the readiness and involvement of people in companies. Technology increases efficiency, but it is people who use and implement these new models. Any resistance would block any innovation and optimization of business processes.

That is why consulting goes beyond the traditional forms of offering ready-made solutions from the outside.

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